Fantastic help for my back

The first time I went to Dr Mike Ganchow, I had to have help to even get into the building as I could hardly walk. I couldn’t have imagined how much help I was going to get.

He assured me he would have me walking right and not in pain. My pain  level was almost 10 and after a very few visit it was down to a 3.

The orthopedic doctors said I might need surgery for a pinched nerve or traction. I don’t need either any more because of his care.

Dr Mike is a real miracle worker and there  is no chiropracter better. I had pplio years ago, still walk with a cane and am 79 years old but he fixed my back in no time and I will be eternally grateful for his careing treatment. God bless you; De Mike


Great place to get back in motion

The whole group is great.  I feel right at home and the best art relaxed. Great pain management


Great Help for Lower Back Pain

I started seeing Dr. Ganschow two years ago for my lower back pain. During this time, he has helped me to better understand how to take care of my back. He and his staff are awesome. Anytime you need assistance, they are there to help you. One of the best tips I learned from him is to incorporate a swimming program to prevent my back from regular flare-ups. I would recommend him to anyone with any type of problems with their neck & back. Thank you for all your help.

Antonieta – Hurst, TX

Back issues solved!

I have had back issues for nearly 15 years and operating my pest control business was near impossible until I went to see the good doctor Ganschow. He’s an expert in his field, his staff is so welcoming and personable, and the facility has everything I would expect to help anyone with any type of back problems. I’ve had a wonderful experience there.

Jeff -Keller, TX

What others have said…

The differences that we have seen since starting chiropractic care include more energy, better flexibility, decreased use of pain medications, and better sleep. Since being under chiropractic care, we have seen an improvement in our daughter’s quality of sleep and a lessening of her Tourette’s and ADHD problems.



Could it be possible to feel better even if nothing hurts? YES! I found out that I had the beginning stages of Subluxation and incorrect curvature in my neck.  Since I started coming to see Dr. Mike, I seem to have more energy, which helps my workout at the gym to be at a higher level.  I can workout longer, harder, and better than before.  I seem to be sleeping better, more alert, and don’t tire as easily. Thanks Dr. Mike!



Before I started coming to Dr. Ganschow I was having severe lower back pains. After receiving regular therapy my pain has subsided and my back no longer bothers me. I have since become a regular patient and hope to continue to improve my health with Dr. Ganschow’s help. Thanks!



After a year of treatment, my neck and back in general have definitely gotten better. I now have a better understanding of chiropractic and I am planning on continuing going to Dr. Ganschow to keep my spine in line.



I started my morning ritual of getting ready for work, but fell to the floor and was unable to move. I was on the floor for the longest 2 hours of my life until I was able to knock the floor to the phone to call for help. I didn’t want to be medicated for treatment, I wanted the problem to be fixed. Within 2 days of adjustments, I was able to walk without assistance and the progress continued.



I have been a patient for only a short time, but quickly received relief from my aching shoulder and back.  I am confident that with continued preventative care I will be able to remain active with my young daughter and continue in my profession.



When I first started care I had lower and mid-back pain.  Since I started getting regular chiropractic adjustments, I have less pain and can be more active without having to take medications.  I’m getting more sleep than I used to. My entire family has noticed the difference in my health.



I had a stiff neck and back which made it very difficult for me to work.  Since Dr. Mike started adjusting me, my feels much better. I have better flexibility and I sleep better at night.  My family has noticed the difference in me after starting chiropractic care.



Since I began regular chiropractic care with Dr. Mike, my shoulder is great and my sciatica pain is minimal. I’m able to walk farther and exercise more often. I’m not as stiff as I used to be and I have noticed that my posture has improved.



I didn’t know much about chiropractic, but Dr.G explained my X-rays and taught me about the spine and its job. How great! I can now sleep well, get up without being stiff, and the pain in my hip and leg is gone. Chiropractic is an all encompassing approach to healthy living.



The “crick” in my neck from a car accident several years ago has not reoccurred since I began treatment with Dr. Ganschow. I believe also that I have had internal improvements since I now have increased energy and better sleep. My overall general health is improved and of course, my posture has as well.



I had neck and shoulder problems that were so bad I had to quit my job. I have definitely noticed improvements since I began my care. I have more energy, better flexibility, and I’m in a better mood now. My family has definitely noticed the difference. I would recommend chiropractic care to others, and I do! All the time!



I like how Dr. Ganschow used the activator. Dr. Ganschow did a presentation about spinal health and living past 100 years. I feel better after an adjustment.


I started coming to Dr. Ganschow when I was 6 weeks old. My mommy brought me in because I had colic and I didn’t sleep well. The first day I came to see Dr. Ganschow he adjusted me. I slept right through it so it didn’t hurt at all. That night I slept for the first time in weeks. I mean, REALLY slept! My parents had to keep checking on me because I was so quiet. Thank you Dr. Ganschow!